The-Machin-Foundation---Black-backgroundJarjeer Mules is a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for working equines in the foothills of the Atlas near Marrakech.

All of us at Jarjeer are committed to animal welfare and those within our charge are cared for to exacting standards. Jarjeer is committed to fighting the abuse of working animals and assisting their owners. Visitors are welcome either to just enjoy the company of the animals, visit our new coffee shop or walk the foothills with a donkey. Rides are available for children under 10 years and if the temperature is below 34C. Please click on the picture below to see a video about our work at the Refuge.


“I know…! Everyone says so, but our visit to this most amazing, mind opening, heart warming and intelligent hospice-cum-reserve-cum-home for these of God’s creatures was the highlight of our trip to Marrakesh. An oasis of kindness and care that puts your feet back on the ground and reminds you about that which really matters: we’re all on this boat together and rowing is not optional. Thank you Susan, thank you Charles, and thank you Men. Pass me an oar!”

Dorine Kunst, Italy

“The ethical initiative of Jarjeer Mules is inspiring. Morocco makes you feel the connection with yourself because of its nature and simplicity, let’s keep it this way.”

Burcin Ciuffo Yetim, Marrakech

If you are planning to travel to Morocco and you are looking for a boutique hotel near Marrakesh, this is the place for you, the Hotel Capaldi. The owners of the Hotel support one of the most wonderful mule and donkeys refuges I have ever seen, Jarjeer.

Paula da Siva – international equestrian and equine photographer