Jarjeer Mules is a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for many animals in the foothills of the Atlas near Marrakech. Come and meet our team of magical donkeys and mules who are socialised, friendly and always very happy to see visitors. 

All of us at Jarjeer are committed to animal welfare and those within our charge are cared for to exacting standards. The Machin Foundation is committed to fighting the abuse of working animals and assisting their owners. The Foundation send donations to Jarjeer to help our work in Morocco. Visitors are welcome to come to Jarjeer, either to just enjoy the company of the animals, walk the foothills with a donkey or to bring their children to ride one of the older donkeys. Please click on the picture below to see a video about our work at the Refuge.


“What an absolutely lovely video – so poignant and compelling..  Those poor donkeys in the souk and being whacked by children and surrounded by trash – yet I loved the way you talked about progress and change.   Imagine – from a resort to donkey/mule sanctuary. So glad you had it produced.  It is a beautiful piece and I trust it will serve an important role in progress.”

Patricia Colip, Colorado USA

“Jarjeer is a wonderful place, and probably the best sanctuary for equines that I ever visited. Old and injured donkeys and mules are well cared for, and everyone there is so welcoming and so kind.”

Paula Da Silver, Italy

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